Have you ever felt lost?

Have you ever felt lost? That’s how i feel today. Maybe it’s just the mood or the fact that tomorrow is Monday. I really don’t know the reason way. I’m watching to my life and I ask to myself “whats’s the reason why you wake up in the morning?”. And again, I don’t know. What’s my passions, what I wanna do “when i grew up” or just whats will make me go to the end of this day. I just feel lost and I hate don’t knowing what’s going on next.

Vi siete mai sentiti persi? ecco come mi sento oggi. Magari sono solo lunatico o é che domani é Lunedì. Davvero non so il perché. Guardo alla mia vita domandandomi “qual é il motivo per cui ti alzi la mattina?”. E di nuovo, non lo so. Quale siano le mie passioni, cosa voglio fare quando “sarò grande” o semplicemente che cosa mi farà arrivare alla fine di questa giornata. Mi sento semplicemente perduto e odio non sapere cosa succederà dopo.


6 thoughts on “Have you ever felt lost?

  1. Some people feel lost from time to time. But try to
    look at life in a positive way.
    Look around and notice what you like in life. See what is good for you and look at what makes you happy and go ahead with it.
    Take your decision to what you plan to choose to do in the future.
    Be optimistic and always try to ask yourself what makes you contented and glad. There are wonderful things in life.
    Think of the things that you are blessed with and thinks of people who you like such as family and friends.

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    1. Thanks ecohorizons for your wonderful words!
      That was very inspiring to me. I just hope to find soon what really makes me happy. To find my own place in this crazy world. I hope to see soon your next comment.
      Have a nice day and thank you for reading!


      1. Good luck
        I advise you to read a book called the Secret for Rhonda Byrne or watch it on you tube or instagram . I had times when I was feeling hopeless and lost but now I discovered that read happiness comes from inside and you can create the life that you want. Off course, you have to be hopeful and optimistic about life. Do the best you can out no matter and try to pray to God to give the best outcome.
        My real name is Wael.
        I am glad that you liked my comment.
        Are you from Brazil ?

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      2. Nice to meet you , Wael!
        As I said before, your words are very inspiring and I’m glad to have this talk with you.
        I’ll never heard about this book before, but I’ll do some search about that!
        At the moment I made lot of mistake, even with people i love most. Of course I didn’t intend to hurt them – my family and closest friends- but it happened so first of all I must fix this. I’m writing from Italy, here it’s 8.30 am.
        Where are you from?

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  2. I am from Lebanon.
    Good that you are willing to correct your mistakes.
    It is okay .Every one makes mistakes. If you learn from your mistakes and correct them , then you are doing what is right.
    May God bless you.
    If you want , I have on this website some videos that talk about things how to manifest Anything Anytime ?

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